Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Do you wondering how it feels when you missing your buddy? When you miss you best friend? Your person? Or should I call it one of the important person in your life?

If Jack and Rose can fly on titanic, we can 'fly' at the school. If Lisa and Farid Kamil can be the 'Lagenda Budak Setan', we are 'Lagenda Budak Sengal'. We are what we are. Friends is person that share her or his joy with us during our teenagers time ! Have a fun guys!

I always want to reverse the time or to take a U-turn because I wish that the time is walking slowly or stop for a while. I miss my friend so much!. Last few months and years a go, we had such a great time together, ate ice cream, walked around housing estate it were all our memory's.

But I'm sorry because I had turn into a demon. I became to hate you! Hate you so much. But actually I still mark you as my buddy. I'm very very very sorry. I'm not a good friend to you but I want you to know that, there's nothing can separate us from being a good friends except ourselves. This friendship making us to be a better person in future, to make our own life, to create our own destiny and of course my friend to make us feel happy ! Ever and ever. Will always love you my friends :)

Senang cita best friend kita yang paling best is food ! :d hahahaha

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