Friday, 23 December 2011


Hello Bloggers. ! How are you all? I hope you all are in the pink. Guys, as you know 22.12.2012 is the date for PMR RESULT to release so I as a one of the pmr candidates should be scare right?? But anyway alhamdullilah, everything goes well.

"Ya Allah ya tuhan ku, aku bersujud kepada mu, aku bersyukur ya Allah, Alhamdullilah, terima kasih Allah kerana kau telah memakbulkan dan mengurniakan keputusan yang membanggakan kepada hambamu ini" amin.

my PMR result slip

Guys !! I get 6A 3B in PMR!!!! Ya Allah sangat lah bersyukur. You know what? Iqbal boleh melompat-lompat sebab shocked ! because I was target to get only 4A and below but, rezeki kan, alhamdullilah I get 6A without any C,D,or fail.
*iqbal jangan nak bangga sangat lah kan, kau baru dapat 6A je bukan staright pon*

Okay to all my friends I want to say congratulations ! Sebab kita dan membuktikan yang kita boleh berjaya weyh ! and more important is we are great !. Pencapaian PMR tahun ini adalah pencapaian TERBAIK sepanjang 4 tahun. Tidak mengapa kalau kita gagal pada kali ini korang, sebab gagal sekali tidak bermakna gagal buat selamanya. Hey ! Have fun with your result !

Baiklah di bawah merupakan senarai kesyukuran dan terima kasih saya hohoho.


-> Firstly  I would like to thanks Allah because had gave me a great result *alhamdullilah*.

-> Second to both of my parents also all my family members, this is only I can gave you all but I'm sure you all happy with me right??
*cehh bangga* hahaha.

-> Thirdly to all my teachers, thank you very much teachers ! If you're not teach me, and I would never become like this now!
*thanks and I love you* .

-> Lastly to all my friends, thanks korang ! we had done great, good and excellent job!.
So, let's celebrate it !!.

My parents had gave me some present and took me out for a dinner with my cousin abang Ijai (one family) + my cousin Fateha *angah* + kak wardah *my maid*. Thanks you all. My parents bawak Iqbal makan dekat Belanga dengan mereka *disenarai*. Wahh ! Memang best sangat, everyone enjoy it.

My sister can't joining us because she was at the campus. Btw she buoght me a topman shirt and thanks along ! hehehehe.

my topman shirt

Anhhh ! Before that, I want to say, congratulations to my best friends, Hanain Zidha (7A 2B), Farahin (6A 2B) and Baem (4A) also my dearest friends, Pau (we can try the best next time) :)

To everyone that wishing me, thank you very much. I really appreciate it . Thanks yeah. Syukur ya Allah. That all for today see you soon !. We are the best guys !