Monday, 26 December 2011


Okay guys ! see the title above right??! so what are you waiting for let's make a party. Korang,korang,korang ! maklumlah kita ni dah dekat penghujung tahun 2011 kan, jadi mari kita raikan penutup 2011 dengan sesuatu yang best !. I suggest you all to go for a happy new year consert.

Sunway Lagoon, has organize 2012 COUNTDOWN CONSERT PARTY. The ticket is reasonable *I think lah* hehe it is RM 80/ RM 100/ RM 150. This consert will be organize at Surf Beach. Anyone want to join this big event?? Come on, let's have a fun guys !.

The artist that will perform that night is ELLA (S.H.E), RANIA, DRAGON RED and DA MONSTER. For those who didn't have any program or activity for the happy new year celebration, come to Sunway Lagoon and have a great time there. For more information about this consert click this 2012 COUNTDOWN CONSERT PARTY. See you soon ! 

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